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Ecotronic ® is a trade mark that has become synonymous with forward thinking innovation in energy efficient lighting solutions. Since 2004 we have provided our clients with energy saving programmes to reduce their energy costs and cut CO2 emissions.

We have committed significant resources to the development and manufacture of high efficiency lighting systems. We work exclusively through appointed licensees and approved distributors for all UK and overseas markets.


Sucessfull Projects


Our Satisfied Clients


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To continue our investment into the development of energy saving technologies.

To deliver our clients the latest and most advanced energy efficient products.

To reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions for our clients.

To help and assist companies in reducing their carbon footprint.


Ecotronic Lighting

Initial client consultation and identify customer needs. Site meeting, survey and select best solution.

Data Logging

Ecotronic Lighting

Fit trials, data log results and identify actual savings. Prove performance of selected system.

Installation & Commissioning

Ecotronic Lighting

Delivering turnkey project managed solutions, installed and commissioned by our own engineers.

Typically saving around 70%, often reducing fitting numbers (see above). Giving superior light quality, thus enhancing the working environment. Reducing future maintenance costs and 100% tax deductable.


Ecotronic Lighting

Produce lighting designs specific to each area. Meet specific lighting requirements to CIBSE.

Development & Testing

Ecotronic Lighting

In house luminaire design, development and photometric testing. Full thermal and safety testing.

Payback Analysis

Ecotronic Lighting

In-depth payback analysis to include CO2 reduction, energy savings and return on investment.

In-House Manufacture

Ecotronic Lighting

Our in-house Midlands based manufacturing process. Quality UK made products, delivered on time.