Carbon Neutral Company Since Since 2014

Ecotronic has long been recognised as being carbon neutral, with systems of reduction, measurement and certified offsetting in place, since 2014.

This achievement provides assurance of the Ecotronic’s long-standing commitment to sustainability across all of its UK operations.

Company initiatives ensure emissions from our activities including fuel combustion on site and off site transport are kept to a minimum.

Projects delivered by the company has cut CO2 emmsion by miilions of tonnes each year for 100’s of the UK’s leading companies.

New projects, such as planting trees in its award-winning carbon offsetting afforestation project ensures a positive carbon footprint.

Carbon Neutral Manufacturing Commitment By 2025

Ecotronic is proud that 95% of its luminaires are manufactured in the UK at its facility in Staffordshire

This allows complete control over the manufacturing processes.

It also ensures that negative environmental impacts are minimised while conserving energy and natural resources.

All of our electricity is 100% renewable. It is sourced from renewable generation assets, and independent UK wind generators.

Over 80% of our waste is recycled

We are 100% Carbon Neutral

Waste Management

The manufacturing process is constantly monitored to improve resource efficiency and reduce waste.

Any waste generated, including end-of-life components, is subject to ethical disposal or recycling.

Lamps & batteries are recycled under strict regulated guidelines through recognised registered suppliers.

We are a registered waste, electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) producer with the Lighting Industry Association.

All scrap metal (stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and copper) is collected and recycled.


Ecotronic has moved from paper to digital installation guides

Saving over 250,00 sheets of paper per year, equivalent to 26 trees. 

All cardboard packaging is made from recycled sources and recycled on site. 

Vinyl-based packaging has also been replaced with paper-based tape.

Ecotronic is working to eliminate plastics, increase recycled content and reduce our overall packaging.


Over 80% of the company’s waste is recycled with targets to increase this to over 90% by late 2022

Ecotronic uses its own fleet of lorries and vans ensuring its deliveries are energy-efficient and low emission. 

In all, 50% of company cars are either hybrid or full electric vehicles (EVs). 

Ecotronic has a proactive policy in place to increase their use.

Carbon Off Setting

In 2018, Ecotronic implemented an ambitious carbon-offsetting scheme to help compensate for the carbon dioxide (CO₂) released as a results of our manufacturing and selling activities.

We chose to plant trees, because trees and other plants absorb CO₂ during photosynthesis. 

One tree grown to maturity in open space can absorb approximately 1 tonne of CO₂ over its lifetime. 

A forest covering many acres can effectively lock up CO₂, creating a ‘carbon sink’.

The Ecotronic Woodland, aproject is based in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire is recognised by the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC). 

Ecotronic has, to date, has planted an incredible 29,642 trees offsetting over 8000 tonnes of CO₂. 

A further 30,000 trees will be planted by the end of 2023.